Tragedy in Arizona

“In seasons of tumult and discord, bad men have the most power; mental and moral excellence require peace and quietness.” — Tacitus, Roman Senator AD 56 – AD 117 Wise words by Tacitus can offer us a map to follow as we digest the tragic shooting which occurred in Arizona yesterday. No American doubts the horror of seeing an elected official gunned down. No American doubts the horror of any senseless murder. In this case, though, we must not rush to apply reason to a senseless act which looks to be the work of an imbalanced mind. Let us not allow some among us, who seek to create political turmoil, turn this horrific act into one with political meaning. We must learn to pull together as a country, in the face of evil, rather than allow evil to shred us apart.

We are Americans. We know we can unify in our common purpose to promote wise and free discourse, though we may be in disagreement, and to bring an end to any violent or offensive discourse in political and pundit speech.