Interview: How Is Spring Season Housing Demand?



Today on the radio show Lykken on Lending, host David Lykken and I spoke  about the state of the U.S. housing market.

My participation  starts at the 40:00 mark

To illustrate some of the points made on the broadcast, I am posting a this chart.

1. Purchase Application Data

One of the reasons why I expected flat growth in 2017 is that I didn’t believe we could repeat the 25% year over year growth we saw in the heat months of 2016.  As I expected, this year we are seeing growth between  0.1% -6%. Purchase applications are still growing but we are only back to 1998 levels with 154 Million people working, unemployment claims at 44 years lows, job openings at 5.6 million and rates below 5% since early 2011. Demographics for housing will improve in a few more years.

From Calculated Risk:


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