Podcast: Omicron & Mortgage Rates

First, I want to let everyone know that on HousingWire, open to the public, I will have a weekly podcast every Monday called The Rundown to go over everything currently on the U.S. housing market and the economy. I will post links to those interviews here on my blog every Monday. 

Here is a link to this week’s podcast:


I won’t be writing much on this blog, and my job report articles can be found on HousingWire now; if you want access to the HousingWire articles, use my loganvip50. It will give you a one-year subscription half off. 

The last point I will say here is that we are no longer early in an economic expansion as the 2-year yield has gotten above 0.56%, which is crucial for me. I hope you all enjoyed Thanksgiving, and the real fun in this expansion has just started! 

Logan Mohtashami is a Lead Analyst for Housing Wire, financial writer, and blogger covering the U.S. economy with a specialization in the housing market. Logan Mohtashami, now retired, spends his days and nights looking at charts and nothing else