Podcast: Will The Housing Recession Spread?

Today’s podcast goes over various topics: the savagely unhealthy home price growth in the last existing home sales report, will the housing recession spread into the general economy, and how to think about foreclosures in the next downturn.


Make no mistake; the housing market is in a recession. Here is a clip of me on CNBC talking about the housing recession, with the NAR and NAHB both making public statements that housing is in a recession.


On a lighter note, my room rater, I believe, was fair.

Decent shutters setup. Painting looks nice but too high/small. 8/10


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My recent article goes into the last existing home sales report, which showed near 11% yearly price growth. Trust me, folks; price growth is cooling; it just takes longer when working from the lowest inventory levels recorded in history.


We are working our way back to 2019 levels which were the four-decade low in inventory before 2020: savage man, purely a savagely unhealthy housing market.

NAR Total Inventory Data: Currently at 1,310,000

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