Podcast: Mortgage Rates & Home Prices

Today’s podcast goes over two topics. I discuss why my price growth model for 2020-2024 is critical in thinking about how pricing will be impacted going out in the future, especially when referencing my favorite period in pricing, 2019.

2019 Housing Economic Conference: Balanced Housing Market Back Then


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I recently wrote about the last new home sales report trying to show some historical context to the data. I also talked about how if I took every single home in construction, not in construction, and had Santa Claus magically build all those homes overnight, what would the total inventory data look like if every buyer canceled their purchase? Hint, it’s not a lot.


Today I wrote an article showing a lot of variable factors for rates to fall next year. The main talking point is that a lot of data and where rates are now are much different from where we were last year. Again, a lot of my work is trying to connect the dots here in the wild wild west economic world we are dealing with.


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