Podcast: The Post-2020 Economy

Today’s Podcast, recorded a few days ago, goes over all the economic drama we had post-2020. For those who haven’t been following me, the big call I made during Covid19 was writing America’s Back Recovery Model on April 7th, 2020, with a model and dates to follow to see the recovery happen in 2020.

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Why April 7th, 2020? This is a common question I get.

What I wrote on that day.

The fact that the 10-year yield is at 0.73% while I am writing this tells me that the markets believe that Q3 and Q4 will be better than Q2, which is using the lowest bar in recent history to work from.

The 10-year yield was above 0.62%, which was my peak recessionary line in the sand for recessionary yields in Covid19. Also, the St. Louis Financial Stress Index was recovered; the game is on!

I retired the AB recovery model on December 9th, 2020, as the final variable was met. You can read about the recovery model here has an over 60-minute youtube interview in it as well.


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