Podcast: The Foreclosure Fanantics Are Back!

Today’s podcast goes over a topic that I agree with my housing price crash friends with, the need to push for a job loss recession, hoping for foreclosures or something to create massive supply for their 42% price crash call to occur.

Remember, all bubble boys are running with the same premise; prices must return to the bubble’s start. The odd part is that the Housing Bubble Boys 2.0 from 2012-2019 whiffed so severely that they have moved on to Housing Bubble 3.0 because no one has the guts with their real name and face anymore to call for home prices to go back to 2012 levels.

I digress; let’s discuss Foreclosures and what data lines to track to see when stress hits the data pool.


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One last thing, if you’re upset that your major home price crash storyline isn’t happening, you’re reduced to pushing and hoping for people to lose their jobs and homes.


We have rules on trolling the United States Of America, you broke them during Covid19, and you start rooting for people to lose their homes just for some loyalty to some fake Gold God that doesn’t exist. Be prepared for a huge epic battle when the next recession happens. Don’t mistake my kindness on social media for mercy.

“Keep your face always toward the sunshine and shadows will fall behind you” Walt Whitman

Logan Mohtashami is a Lead Analyst for Housing Wire, a financial writer, and a blogger covering the U.S. economy with a specialization in the housing market. Logan Mohtashami, now retired, spends his days and nights looking at charts and nothing else