Podcast: Is America Rejecting The Fed’s Housing Policy?

Today’s podcast covers the topic of America rejecting the Fed’s Housing Policy. The Fed has given us talking points since the Fed’s Housing Reset statement in 2022. However, recently, they seem puzzled as to why Americans won’t list their homes. Remember, most sellers are buyers; housing economics changed after the 2010 Qualified Mortgage Law was implemented. Tradtionally, people don’t sell to be homeless, so you know if you qualify before you list the home. I assume that the Fed believed that once mortgage rates stabilized, things would return to normal. That isn’t how it works with normal credit channels, nor will it ever. I also discuss the recent new and existing home sales report.


This week, I wrote about the existing and new home sales report; these two housing markets are headed in different directions as new home sales grow while existing home sales still show year-over-year declines. If you want to join HW Plus, please use my LoganVIP20 code.

Existing Home Sales Report:


New Home Sales Report:


Also, we will have a live Housing Bubble Crash Debate event on August 31st; you can register here. I will debate this topic with Gregory Crennan, Chief Economic Strategist of Golden Coast Consultants. You all know how much I love live debates.


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