The Young and the Renting

The Young and the Renting

Logan Mohtashami,Benzinga Columnist

October 26, 2012 1:14 PM

A recent Pew research report showed that 39% of young adults ages 18-34 have returned home to live with their parents, after struggling to support themselves on their own.

Naturally, the younger in the group are more likely to live at home than those at the older range.  However, the percentage of those living at home by age groups reveals that the numbers are high for all young people.  The statistics show  53% ages 18-24, 41% ages 24-29, & 17%, ages 30-34 have moved home.

These results are not surprising considering the unemployment rate, which is particularly high among young people. In addition, some are straddled with student loan debt which is at an average at an all time high at $26,300.

But, nevertheless, there are still many younger people who are employed, on their own and renting.  Rent rates have been rising, while home affordability we are told is at a greatly improved level.    So, why not buy?

The answer is that there are reasons to continue renting, rather than owning, one’s home.    Even those with an income and no debt, and enough cash for a low down payment, are beginning to doubt the wisdom of jumping into home ownership.   In spite of almost record low 30 year fix rates renting is an attractive option for many in that 18-34 age bracket.

Question is when will this change?

The obvious answer is that these things will need to happen before younger renters become buyers en masse; 1.  the economy gains traction and job numbers really start to pick up, 2. incomes look like they are growing and  3. home prices are rising once again and not with the current accompanying inventory drop.

But, what if even when the above happen, we still don’t see a return of renters to the buyer column?

What if we lost a generation a home buyers?   Many people talk about how the stock market may have  lost a generation of investors.   Over the last 12 years we have witnessed two stock market crashes, a flash crash, fat fingers, and general frothy turmoil which seeds fear of participation in some potential investors.

So, will this last housing bust leave doubt and distaste in its wake?  Have those who may qualify down the road lost that loving feeling?  Is it gone, gone, gone?

My first answer is yes but with a caveat.

True, I have seen for myself a lack of enthusiasm for home buying in this market among the 18-34 crowd.  Saving for a down payment is always the first issue.   Not only is it difficult to amass the traditional 20% down payment,  for many  just 3.5% down payment seems daunting.  The drop in home prices makes homes more affordable than they were for first time home buyers, but the goal remains elusive for a good chunk of them.

But there are those who can afford to become homeowners.  What of those?  Even they are not convinced its right for them.  I often hear those in this age group say, “Why should I buy a home when I know I am going to move?   Maybe if I knew I was going to stay in one place and have settle  down I’d feel differently.”    That is a reasonable, if not outright accurate, reason not to buy.   Being nimble, without ties, in this new world economy can give you an edge.

Also, this generation is settling down and forming families later that the previous generation. Getting married and having kids isn’t something that needs to be done  in your 20’s any longer.   First marriages and children often are delayed now until one’s 30’s.

A very few have expressed that not dealing with taxes, HOA fees and not being obligated to fix up the home is a plus.

So, besides the fact that Americans can’t qualify for loans, maybe some that can would rather rent until they are more settled in their life style

A lot of things have changed in America because of our debt blow up, our current debt situation  and the future debt problems we will have if we don’t get some order from chaos.  And, so, along with and in reaction to all that  financial drama,  maybe a generation will wait just a bit longer to buy a home.

Logan Mohtashami is a senior loan officer at his family owned mortgage company AMC Lending Group, which has been providing mortgage services for California residents since 1988. Logan is also a financial columnist for and contributor for

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By this time you are getting ready to move, then on (or very, very close to) the move in date, they take you to see the prepped apartment. You are totally disappointed to find out that doors squeak, the location inside the complex is not exactly what you expected, plus many other things that they failed to mention on the tour of the model apartment.  The particular unit I was scammed on had a light switch to turn the furnace on and off.  Really, they failed to mention that in the model home.  I thought that I was prepared and spent hours upon hours on how to avoid pitfalls during apartment hunting. These apartment complexes are figuring out new ways to scam consumers by the day. These are not things that you can read about online or even think about before they happen. 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I found a decent apartment in a slightly better area, I think. It was nice and cheaper than where I was. 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Do not EVER pay escrow fees either.  Anyways, back to the story, I did not end up getting the house and now that I am older and times are tougher.  There is no way I could of ended up affording that house payment, plus the house is only worth $190,000 plus the neighborhood has gone downhill, even after all my in depth research.  Another thing is now when I read the mortgage contract that my friend gave to me, after 30 years of paying $2000 a month I would of only owned 25% of the house, the rest of the money would of went to interest, and at the end of the 30 years, I would owe another $200,000 just to pay the house off.  Thanks a lot friend.  The point of the story is housing SUCKS, it is as bad as the stock market and tags and titles.  The scams have just moved from housing to rentals now.  Craigslist is a swamp of scams and juke moves.  Stay with your parents as long as possible and give them your money, do not read what these secret realtors write in these posts about moving out and not living with your parents.  If housing goes up since the economy is officially zooming out of the recession (except for the national debt) than housing is great but be careful when your snake realtor and hornet of a mortgage broker tell you to hurry. By the way the city I live in is Sandy Springs in Atlanta, zip code 30350. Look up the crime and the prices of housing. Both as high as all these other crooked counties. The apartments that scammed me are Aspen Pointe in Roswell Ga 30076, they are the ones that made my girlfriend fill out an application form to stay with me. Parc at Dunwoody in Sandy Springs Ga 30350, they are the dark dumpster apartments that will not show you your actual apartment, until it is too late. I went to set up gas and cable and both companies told me somebody had already set up accounts for my new address. They told someone else they were moving in my unit at the same time as I was told. Wow, forgot that lovely point to add to the mischief. The apartment I am still in are Residenses at Morgan Falls, they are nice inside and I do not have much complain with them except for the rental rate fluctuation they pulled on me at the last minute. That I believe was the least deceitful and disrespectful scam out of all three of the apartment scams. In conclusion, give yourself plenty of time when searching for housing on always ask and say what you feel. These employees are trained to side track you and lie STRAIGHT to your face. Do not worry about getting anything in writing due to the fact you will only get screwed for $100’s or $1000’s of dollars and lawyers cost more than that.

    I don’t know what to say… I backed out of buying a house with a $2000/mo house payment 5 years ago. I have since spent over $80,000 on rent and do not own any type of house or asset. I used to have a decent job back then but now I am unemployed. I can not figure out if I did the right thing by backing out and not purchasing the home. I lost $3000 in escrow money because I did not finalize the purchase contract, now the home is worth $60,000 less than when I would of purchased the home. Plus, now I look at the mortgage and I would of had to pay $2000/mo for 30 years and then I still would of only owned 50% of the home, itself, after fees and interest. After 30 years of $2000 a month I would then have to pay another $220,000 just to purchase the home outright. It seems to me that there is something wrong with all of these options. Not one of them is a smart investment. Now that I have rented I have paid only half of the amount (per month) of what the mortgage payment would have been for 5 years but I do not own anything. If I would of purchased the home, I could no longer pay the mortgage anyway and would have lost almost the amount I spent in rent in equity. If I would of stayed living with my parents I would have over $85,000 extra money in cash plus the amount I spent on bills. That is a lot of money for 5 years of living in the straight up ghetto. Plus, the house I almost purchased is now in the ghetto also, even after all my research. Some would say it is a very nice area but there is crime right down the street. Even if the housing market would have doubled in the last 5 years, after the commissions on selling and sneaky mortgage fine print I still do not think I could of profited. But, renting has many more negatives, application fees, lying apartment managers, fluctuating rates, 60 day notices. I could not buy a home now anyways, anywhere, because I am unemployed. I have been saving for a home and I have $500,000 to spend on a house but I cannot get a mortgage and I would be stupid to put all of my money in one home. Any type of housing is a no win situation, there is not a good choice out there.

  2. Logan,
    I appreciate all the knowledge you share with us.
    Thank You,
    Santa Rosa, Ca

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