Barney Frank : No Housing Bubble in June, 2005

Logan Mohtashami, Benzinga Columnist

November 05, 2012 3:00 PM

Vested interest in financial bubbles is common in all levels of a society. Nobody wants to tell you the party isn’t real or no one wants to send to jail the drug lord that is paying the community off. An inflow of excess revenues and keeping the people happy is a good thing for American politicians.

Government clearly hasn’t been the efficient police cop in telling you when we are in a financial bubble. In a span of less that 20 years we have now 3 financial bubbles. First, the stock market technology bubble of the late 90’s. Second, the real estate bubble of the last decade. Like a drug addict the US government needs the bubble revenues to pay for its bloated budget.

Even Barney Frank, with all his wisdom and housing experience couldn’t come to admit to the American people that home prices were a bubble in 2005

His logic is clear and his points were direct.

Barney Frank June 27, 2005 to congress
In the youtube clip below

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    1. Refinance market still 85-15 Ratio of refi to purchases, with rates this low we had another waive of serial refinances. Purchase market as always light, low inventory of homes is a major complaint by many people in the industry

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