Job Openings and Labor Turnover Summary


Sometimes charts  can speak louder than words.

Job openings and labor turnover summary:

From Calculated Risk:

JOLTSMar2016 (1)

Job Openings rise to their highest level since last July


Job Openings near record highs. Why you want to see the Fed hike rates again in 2016…

data point to continued US labor market improvem. Should ease any concern about sharp slowdown in job growth


If there is one thing I hope people can take away from my financial posts.

Prime Age Labor Force Growth Matters!

We peaked in 2007 and we are slowly growing this data line again.

A must read from Calculated Risk:
Demographics and GDP: 2% is the new 4%


‪#‎NFIB‬: US small companies have more unfilled job openings than any time since 2006.

Labor force growth matters! A big mistake by the Great American Recession II crowd from 2009-2016 was that they mistook a soft demographic patch to be something very sinister and created by the Fed Frankenstein.  When in reality, we had a weak prime age labor force growth cycle that started in 2007, right when the Great Recession hit.

Hence why some of us like the mock their economic calls from 2009-2016.

The U.S. Economy Is About To Crash!!!!

Does this move the Fed to hike soon? I still believe that we need to see more inflation for the Fed to hike, something I recently discussed here.

Fed Rate Hikes Need More Inflation

However, slow and steady has been the right call on most things economic related in this cycle.

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